At Cope Well Counseling Associates, we always remember that helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for that one person.  Part of the helping process is taking that first step and we understand that this can be very daunting and scary.


What we offer to ease you into the process is a 30-minute complementary appointment that allows you to meet your therapist personally and to “get a feel” for whether you’ll make a good team. For therapy to be effective, you have to feel comfortable with your therapist and your therapist needs to know they have the expertise needed to assist you.


If we decide to work together, you will receive a packet of information and some forms to complete.  It is critically important that you complete ALL the forms entirely and thoroughly.

Some of them may seem quite lengthy such as the personal history form. But this significant form provides the therapist with greater insight as to what is important to you, what has happened in your past that may be contributing to or influencing you currently, and what your therapy goals are. Even some medical conditions may contribute to feelings of depression or anxiety. The therapist may refer you to your doctor for a health checkup to rule out medical factors.


Your length of service as a client depends on several factors such as attendance, presenting problem, and how hard you want to work.

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