If you want to learn more about a particular mental health topic or improve your own mental wellness in a short period of time, our workshops and public seminars may be right for you. Workshops and seminars are typically short psycho-educational offerings that focus on specific concepts, or on the development of a particular skill.

Workshops/Seminars on mental health are often informal and interactive.

Trainers and participants may take part in discussions, presentations, debates, or hands-on demonstrations to engage with new ideas and techniques.

These services are time-limited, self-contained and may last from only 1 hour up to several days. Individuals with busy schedules often appreciate these short, intensive learning sessions. The small group size often allows participants to be heard, receive personal attention, and get questions addressed in a timely manner.

We are more than happy to give advice on which counselling is most suitable for your needs, depending on your problems. Why not ask us to view your problems and discuss for solution. Our advice is free!

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